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Application Media

Application Media

Transform your gardening and farming experience with Ecomicro , an innovative concentrate formula that can be applied in various settings. Whether you have a row crop, hydroponic system, raised bed, pot, container, or an indoor or outdoor garden, Ecomicro is here to revolutionize your growing endeavors.

Here's how you can apply Ecomicro for maximum result:

> Direct Application to Soil: Apply the concentrate directly to the soil, allowing the beneficial microbes and nutrients to interact with the soil directly.

> Water Mixing: Mix Ecomicro with water to create a solution then apply to your plants root, ensuring it reaches root zone, allowing the beneficial microbes and nutrients interact

> Track Irrigate: If you have a larger farming operation, you can incorporate the concentrate into your track irrigation system, which allows for efficient and widespread application across your entire field, ensuring every plant receives the benefits of the beneficial microbes and nutrients.

One of the key advantages of Mrs Grow -Ecomicro concentrate is its non-clogging formulation. You can apply it easily without worrying about clogs in your irrigation equipment or watering devices. This convenience ensures a seamless application process and saves valuable time and effort.