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( can mix with 1-2 gallons of water ).

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Mrs. Grow specializes in soil amendment and seed coated with microbes for Farmers and Gardens. Microbes is great for Fruit Tree, Vegetables, Herbs, Rise Fields,... Read more

Microbes for Farmer & Garden

We offer top of line Soil Microbes. With our products you will be able to grow better crops: Germination will be quicker and smoother. Your soil, and more impor... Read more

Vegetable - Herb & Hot Pepper Seeds

Are you looking for rare vegetables, herbs and hot peppers to spice up your dish while enjoying the fruits of your garden? Then you've reached the right place. ... Read more


Microbes Soil Amendment

Microbes Soil Amendment
Vegetable Seeds
Vegetable Fruit Seeds
Herb Seeds
Rare Hot Pepper Seeds


4 Steps Plant Vegetable Seeds

4 Steps Plant Vegetable Seeds
4 Steps Plant Herb Seeds
4 Steps Plant Pepper Seeds


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