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About Mrs Grow

At Mrs. Grow, we specialize in providing seeds and effective solutions for soil depletion and unhealthy plants. Our most popular product is ECOMICRO, a certified organic solution (CDFA-OIM Certified)) that utilizes beneficial microbes to enhance soil health and help plant growth. We are dedicated to offering high-quality, environmentally-friendly products to help farmers and gardening enthusiasts achieve successful cultivation.

Benefits of Microbes

> Microbes can break down organic matter and provide essential nutrients for plants.

> Microbes improve fertilizer efficiency by making plant nutrients more accessible, resulting in optimized plant growth and development.

> Microbes improve root systems, resulting in healthier and stronger growth. They stimulate growth, increase branching, and improve nutrient absorption.

> Microbes work synergistic-ally with plants, stimulating flower de... Read more

Application Media

Transform your gardening and farming experience with Ecomicro , an innovative concentrate formula that can be applied in various settings. Whether you have a row crop, hydroponic system, raised bed, pot, container, or an indoor or outdoor garden, Ecomicro is here to revolutionize your growing endeavors.

Here's how you can apply Ecomicro for maximum result:

> Direct Application to Soil: Apply the concentrate directly to the soil, allowing... Read more

Perfect Choice

>Ecomicro is a versatile application that caters to a wide range of needs, from growing fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, rice, grains, and flowers, to grass. It supports various plant species to ensure they receive the right nutrients and conditions for optimal growth.

> Improving soil activity with beneficial microbes, help soil structure, nutrient availability, and overall soil health. 

> Mrs Grow provides seed coating with microbes... Read more


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All products
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