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Ecomicro Available in Tons

Ecomicro Available in Tons

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Excellent for Fruit trees, Vegetables, Herbs, Turfs, Flowers, Rise and other Grains, Indoor and Outdoor gardens.

Transform your gardening and farming experience with Ecomicro , an innovative concentrate formula that can be applied in various settings. Whether you have a row crop, hydroponic system, raised bed, pot, container, or an indoor or outdoor garden, Ecomicro is here to revolutionize your growing endeavors.

Concentrated Formula: Simple & Easy to use . Mix with water -or- Add directly to Soil. Dry application 1 TSP-3.5 gr or 2 TBSP-7 gr to root system while planting/transplanting.

Better results are obtained when the product directly contacts the roots.

13 oz. per 100 gallon / per acre (consulting available).

Benefits of Microbes:

> Microbes can break down organic matter and provide essential nutrients for plants.

> Microbes improve fertilizer efficiency by making plant nutrients more accessible, resulting in optimized plant growth and development.

> Microbes improve root systems, resulting in healthier and stronger growth. They stimulate growth, increase branching, and improve nutrient absorption.

> Microbes work synergistic-ally with plants, stimulating flower development, enhancing pigment production, and improving overall floral quality.

> Microbes revive the plant ecosystem, promoting the growth of other microorganisms, restoring soil balance, and improving soil structure.

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